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Yard Sale Planning for Success

Yard sales can be super stressful, but with planning and organization, they can be very successful. Follow these actionable tips to make your yard sale less stressful, and more profitable.

If you have a ton of clothing, I have found that it is easier to track if you charge one price for individual classes of clothing. For example $0.50 for T-shirts, $1 Sweatshirts, $2 For Jeans and so on. Dresses are as marked because some may be more formal and some more casual.

I also group some like things together in packages or lots. This gets more of my clutter out at once, and usually results in a higher payout. For instance I have several party supply packages because I will order in bulk, and there will be so much stuff left over. I divided them up into groups of 5 of each item. (invitations, thank you cards, decorations, and different types of party favors) and marked it for $5.

Scrapbook and craft supplies: Sure I could list each die cut, quote, sticker, background paper etc, but instead I will get large storage bags and put 200 items, and mark it for $5 usually I will theme it, like baby boy, baby girl, sports, family, wildlife.

DVD’s we put in several bins and marked them as $1, Old video games $5, New unopened games or ones that were barely played $10. We don’t want to price things too high, or there won’t be any turnout.

If you or someone you know has something larger they want to sell, for instance: a boat, car, truck, ATV, RV, and large tools list them as well. This will drum up some additional traffic and potentially make a larger sale.

You want to have a variety of stuff without overwhelming the buyer. If you are well-organized, and plan ahead it can be very successful!

1 Month before the yard sale

Make sure to put together a listing to capture the attention of potential buyers. If you have a community sale, make sure to get on the map. I reached out several months ago to make sure I didn’t miss the cutoff date. We live in a rural area, so it is especially important, so you get the traffic necessary to move your items.

As the family worked on de-cluttering their own spaces, we stacked up those items we wanted to sell in one area (it’s okay, it is only temporary)

1 Week before the yard sale

Check the weather forecast, the last time we had a yard sale it rained, and we had to bring everything inside.

Be Proactive:

We decided that because of our experience last time with our yard sale that we would plan a layout to include both our outside space and inside our living space. In the event that it starts to rain, all the clothing will already be inside, and what is outside is in totes that are pre-marked that we can grab quickly.

We wanted to leave enough outside to generate traffic.

Pre-price out everything and put in appropriate bins/bags. With exception to items that sit outside (create your signs or tags to apply on the day of sale).

Purchase your garage sale signs.

Make sure you have a stock of plastic bags (if not-start collecting)

1 Day before the yard sale

Get ample change (we kept everything at $0.25 increments to keep it simple).

Set up the tables.

What to do after the garage sale

You will have stuff left over. So what are your choices on what to do with what is left? Well… you could donate it, or run another garage sale. I try to sell select items on Facebook buy/sell/trade pages, Let Go,Offer Up, or of course eBay. I am sure that there are plenty of other options and apps that you can sell your items on as well.

The benefits to donating everything that is left is that you immediately are able to free up that space. When you choose any of the other options, you will be adding time and responsibility to your plate, but sometimes the payoff is totally worth it. For example: if you have a bunch of one size of clothing, sell it as a group of clothing vs. individual items. This way you don’t have to arrange several meets. It is really whatever suits your personal situation.  Whatever you choose, I wish you all the luck!

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