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Vehicle emergency preparedness for a wicked winter

Vehicle Emergency Preparedness For A Wicked Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and in the Midwest it can be very brutal. We live in an age where we depend on our cell phones in case of emergency; but what if you don’t have a signal, or your battery is dead, or you find yourself in a situation where help is hours away. Emergency preparedness is crucial to survival in some circumstances, so I am sharing some tools to make it easier to manage in time of crisis.

First, make sure your vehicle is ready for winter. Get your fluids checked, your tire tread and pressures checked, make sure your heating and cooling system is working properly, and get your battery checked. This will help prevent you from being stranded.

If you are stranded, and your vehicle is against a snow bank or your exhaust pipe is blocked by any other obstruction, do not start your vehicle; this may cause carbon monoxide to build up inside of your vehicle, and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Next, these items should definitely be kept in your vehicle:

A spare change of clothes

A book of matches

Meal replacement bars or snacks

First aid kit


Cat litter

Emergency flashlight

Flare sticks

You may also find it useful to have these items in your vehicle as well:

A jump-start system

Portable air compressor

CB Radio

Pop up cones

Hope everyone has a safe winter season!

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