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Tips to Care for those new threads

Did you just go out and buy new clothes for work? Or perhaps you started a new job and had to update your wardrobe. Well, we have to tips here to help you extend the life of those new threads.

Tips and tricks:

To help extend the life of your clothes I recommend the following:

Remove pen stains: scrub with shaving cream prior to washing, if it is a sharpie (repeat)

For grass stains, set with hairspray, add oxi clean to the wash or spot treat with the oxi clean roller

For grease stains rub chalk over it to absorb the grease or soak the spots with dawn dishsoap overnight

Universal stain removal: one part dawn dish soap to two parts hydrogen peroxide

I also add half a cup of white vinegar to each load of laundry, it cuts down on musty odors, brightens clothes, and takes out sticky spots (candy, gum, ice cream).

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