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Cover photo for The Ultimate Marvel Universe Gift Guide with over 300 gift ideas for your Super Hero Super Fan.

The Ultimate Marvel Universe Gift Guide

Over 300 Gift Ideas for your SuperHero SuperFan!

I am having so much fun putting together gift guides for all of you. When I am putting together these gift guides, I always have at least one of my loved ones at the forefront of my mind. This one may have gotten a little carried away, so please be patient if it takes a little longer to load, as there are literally over 300 ideas here for you to peruse. Without further a do, here is the Ultimate Marvel Universe Gift Guide.

The image contains film as in a movie reel film. The section is Marvel Movie Favorites to Give the Marvel Fan!

Marvel Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie? The Marvel Franchise has always been one of our favorites. So each year we would put together a family gift box with movies and family games and activities, and whether it was an X-Men movie, Avengers movie, or a Marvel movie targeted at a specific character like Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel… get the point….we almost always had a Marvel movie in that box. They would keep everyone on the edge of their seats, and they would have a perfect mix of action and humor.

This image is of a chess board. The section is Marvel Games for your Super Hero Strategist!

Marvel Games

Another item we would add to the family gift box/basket is a game or 2. Usually there would be one e-game for one of our consoles, and a board game or card game to lure the youngsters away from their screen. Even if it is just for a short time, those are the moments that turn into memories. Here is a compilation of Marvel games to consider this season.

This image is of Funko Pop toys as Avengers. The section is particularly for the Funko figures of Avengers.

Funko and Marvel

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of Funko, here is a listing of around a hundred Funko toys. These are “funky” figures based on characters, and they are priced very well, so it is an easy choice for the Marvel enthusiast on your gift giving list.

The image is of the Captain America shield as a rug. The image is the section cover for Marvel Decor.

Marvel Décor

My kids used to love it when they could redecorate their rooms. Here are a bunch of ideas to inspire you to add some character (pun intended) to your décor in any room of your home.

The image is of a child holding a Marvel comic book, the section is the best Marvel Gifts for Children Master-Minds!

Gifts for the Kiddo’s

The most fun gifts to buy are those for the youngest fans! Here are some favorites to consider.

Section image, Marvel Gifts for the Life Long Fan!

Gifts for the lifelong fan

Stan Lee and the Marvel Franchise have developed a massive following through all generations. It’s not just about old comic books (although that is a commonly sought after item). So here are some items at every price point sure to put a sparkle in the season.

I hope you have had as much fun checking these out as I have putting them together.

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