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The ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide. 100 items for your POTTERHEAD. Most under $35. #HarryPotter #HarryPotterGifts #GiftIdeas #PotterheadGifts

The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide for Potterheads

With more than 100 Gift options listed, and most under $35, this is the ultimate listing of Harry Potter items chosen from amazon. These gifts will surely help the Potterhead enter the world of magic. Whether building the magnificent school, or taking a ride on the Hogwarts express, they will be able to add a little magic to their lives from the comfort and safety of their own homes. For the reader; there is the book series in a couple of different formats. The writer; Harry Potter journals and calendars. Or, if you are looking to pass the time with family, there is the movie series, and several game options from trivia to UNO. There are even a couple of cookbook options for the baker or cook looking to add a little magic to dinner or dessert.

For your pint size Potterhead, there is even some clothing and accessories. After all, the little ones should be able to share in the fun! In compiling this list from amazon, I tried to have such a variety of items at every price point, so that there would be something for every Harry Potter fan, but if you need more inspiration, the official Harry Potter Merch store is available here.

Please keep in mind that as an amazon affiliate I do receive a commission on any purchase you make through my site, however it does not cost you “the customer” anything extra to do so. I would not promote anything that I would not purchase myself for someone I love.

Another resource that provides some wonderful gift ideas is They have many items you can not find elsewhere, and at good prices.

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