Repel mice and spiders safe for use around children and pets
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REPEL MICE AND SPIDERS-Safe for use around children and pets

With fall in full swing, pests will be looking for a warm place to stay for the winter. One way to repel these pesty critters is to use peppermint. You can fill a spray bottle with a teaspoon of peppermint oil, 1/4 tsp of lavender oil, and top off with water. Shake it up really well, and spray around doors and windows. Another way to use the mixture is to cover cedar chips with the mixture and put them in fabric sashes, placing them wherever the pests are getting in.

If you see a spider (you can add a little dish soap to your mixture, and it will terminate the spider).

Some might say that is cruel and spiders are good.  They are, they have a purpose OUTSIDE, arachnophobia is pretty common, and some people would prefer to do anything else than get close to that creepy crawly creature.

Now, these essential oils are not harmful to children or animals, however when used in an area with limited ventilation they can be strong-smelling, so please allow your children and pets to roam into another area of the house if they feel overwhelmed.

Please share any other tips you may have to safely repel pests! Or let me know how this tip worked for you!

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