Ultimate list of horror movies
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Popular Halloween Horror Movies

Halloween is fast approaching, and I wanted to list some of the most popular horror movies and franchises, as well as some newer released movies that you may not have seen.


  1. Hush
  2. Sinister
  3. The Babadook
  4. Creep
  5. A girl walks home alone at night
  6. The invitation
  7. We are still here
  8. Hellraiser
  9. Under the Shadow
  10. Starry Eyes
  11. The nightmare
  12. We are what we are
  13. It Follows
  14. The Sacrament
  15. Frailty
  16. The Wailing
  17. The Blair Witch Project
  18. Pontypool
  19. Honeymoon
  20. Wes Cravens new nightmare
  21. Uncle John
  22. Trash fire
  23. The Shining
  24. Fire in the sky
  25. Here comes the devil
  26. Children of the corn movies
  27. Scream 1,2,3,and 4
  28. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  29. Braindead
  30. The Exorcist
  31. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both the classic and the remake)
  32. Alien
  33. Psycho
  34. Halloween (all)
  35. Jaws (all)
  36. Dawn of the Dead
  37. Night of the Living Dead
  38. The Innocents
  39. Carrie
  40. Nightmare on Elm Street (all)
  41. Poltergeist
  42. Martyrs
  43. The devil’s backbone
  44. The Silence of the lambs (all)
  45. The sixth sense
  46. Signs
  47. 28 Days later
  48. The mist
  49. The Orphanage
  50. Puppet Master (all)
  51. Grudge (all)

Newer Released

  1. It comes at night
  2. The night before
  3. Besetment
  4. The Hatred
  5. 200 degrees
  6. Raw
  7. American Exorcism
  8. Cropsey Incident
  9. The domicile
  10. Ghosts of Darkness
  11. Peelers
  12. The Atoning
  13. Ravenswood
  14. Bonejangles
  15. Blood Hunt
  16. The Dark Tapes
  17. Transhuman
  18. Death Pool
  19. Bornless Onces
  20. The BlackCoat’s Daughter
  21. American Mummy
  22. Rings
  23. Patient
  24. Sacrelege
  25. The Amityville Exorcism
  26. The Bye Bye Man
  27. Pitchfork
  28. Incarnate
  29. Eloise
  30. The Covenant
  31. The Remains
  32. The lesson
  33. Whispers
  34. Blood Brothers
  35. The perfect husband
  36. Ouija origin of evil
  37. The Shelter
  38. Abbey Grace
  39. The Crooked Man
  40. City of Dead Men
  41. The monster
  42. The disappointments Room
  43. Ouija3
  44. 2:22 (released 9/26/17)
  45. The Control Group (released 9/26/2017)
  46. Cult of Chucky (released 10/3/17)
  47. A Ghost Story (released 10/3/17)
  48. Gremlin (released 10/3/17)
  49. Bedeviled (released 10/3/17)
  50. Circus Kane (release 10/10/17)
  51. Coffin 2 (release 10/10/17)


I hope this article thoroughly inspired you to check out a few of these this month!






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