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March Words of Encouragement

In the March Words of Encouragement we are focusing on Irish Proverbs. St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday we recognize most in this month. As well as our need for a little luck in our lives taking center stage. We can focus on improving our lives by remembering these proverbs, and how to incorporate them in our daily lives. If nothing else, than to show us how lucky we truly are.

You never miss the water until the well has run dry. -Irish Proverb

In this proverb it reminds us that we need to appreciate even the simple things. Because you never know if you could one day lose it.

Life is like a cup of tea; it’s all in how you make it. -Irish Proverb

If you don’t like how your life is going, you can always change factors in your life to make it better.

God’s mill may grind slowly, but it grinds finely. -Irish Proverb

Good things come to those who work hard, have patience, and faith.

If you are looking for a friend without a fault, you will be without a friend forever. -Irish Proverb

We all have faults and we all make mistakes. No one is perfect.

No matter how many rooms you have in your house, you’re only able to sleep in one bed. -Irish Proverb

Money isn’t everything. When we are judged in the end, it won’t be about how much money a person had. It is who that person was that matters.

When a heifer is far from home she grows longer horns. -Irish Proverb

Independence can widen the scope of who a person is. A person grows into a stronger and more independent person.

Sunshine always follows rain. -Irish Proverb

Over your lifetime you will encounter both good times and bad. It will never be simply one or the other, so when times are rough, remember that there is always better days around the corner.

I hope you found the March Words of Encouragement helpful in inspiring you to live your best life, and am happy to share these with you each month.

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