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Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

With only 8% of New Years Resolution Goals actually being achieved each year, I thought it might be beneficial to talk about how to improve those odds before the New Year begins. I am guilty of setting a goal and slowly losing interest throughout the year. Life happens, we can either let it get in the way, or we can re-direct and continue to move forward (the power is in the planning). Our destination is set, but our journey can have twists and turns. So, what can we do to help us set and achieve those goals? 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Set a Specific Goal (not just lose weight or make more money, but rather “I will lose 35 lbs” or “I will make an extra $10,000”). Make sure the goals are measurable and attainable. Once the larger goal is set, break it down into smaller goals. For example, if you break down the above mentioned goals you can set them as. “I will lose 3 lbs per month” or “I will make $27.40 more per day”. They become more attainable this way.
  2. Every goal takes planning. Some cost more money than others, and some take resources that may take longer to get a hold of. Perhaps you need to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or doctor, or a financial advisor or investment broker. Having to wait for this “help” or these “resources” could cause your passion about your goal to fizzle before you even get started. If you plan ahead now, then your chances at succeeding with improve.
  3. Invest in yourself. There is no other “you”. If you don’t invest in yourself from time to time, then how can you give to others? You need to view any goals you are trying to achieve as an investment in yourself that will benefit those around you as well.
  4. Hold yourself accountable. Have at least one other person that you report to on a regular basis, and agree that this person will help encourage you and help put you back on track if you slip a little. Perhaps a work-out buddy, or friend trying to achieve a similar goal. Some people even make their intentions clear on social media to hold themselves accountable there. Just be sure to pick someone, and set the time period like every Wednesday, or the 1st of every month. So that they know when they will get an update, and can help keep you on track.

These were just some quick tips. Below I have listed a few resources for some of the most common New Years Resolutions. Many of them I have read, or are currently reading or listening to on audio book. They can help you more in-depth to attain your goals for the incoming year.

I hope you have all taken something away from this post, and please feel free to share your goals and progress in the comments 🙂

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