Make Money Doing Things You're Already Doing #money #SaveMoney #MakeMoney #FinancialPlanning

Make Money Doing Things You’re Already Doing

Do you drive a car without using your cell phone? How many steps do you take each day? Do you shop in store or online?  This post is going to give you the resources to make money for doing these things and more, along with a review of each program.

Get paid to walk!

So let’s start with the most commonly performed activity….walking! Maybe you walk 500 steps, or maybe you walk 10,000 steps per day. Sweatcoin pays you money for every step you take. You will not get rich with this app, but you can earn enough sweatcoins to purchase items on their app. In order to get credit for your steps you have to allow the program to be running in the background which can be a challenge.

Get paid to drive as long as your cell phone is not in use.

The next app is another no-brainer. It is called on my way. This app will pay you for every mile you drive that you are not using your phone. When you sign up, you have to allow your location to be always on, and you have to scan in your driver’s license as proof that you are old enough to drive. You have to use an unlock code for your phone as well. So far my total is $74, and I have only had the app on my phone for a month and a half. You get a sign on bonus as well. An extra perk….this also works if you are a passenger in the vehicle and you are not using your phone. The app currently only pays through marathon money, but they are working towards payment via paypal and other gift card options. The only thing aside from the payout options that I found to be a con is that when I am listening to a podcast, it doesn’t track my miles. I did read however that you can Bluetooth and still collect on the miles.

There are a ton of shopping apps out there. Swagbucks, Rakuten, Shopkick, iBotta. All of these apps will give you money to use their apps to do your shopping. They all have their benefits.


This program allows you to print coupons (and get paid for them), take a daily poll, surveys, and link through them to get money back on your purchase. You get paid in Swagbucks 500 swagbucks is equivalent to $5, and can be cashed out for a variety of gift cards, or even through paypal.


This program also allows you to print coupons, complete short tasks, surveys, play games or watch videos, and of course get paid for them.


This is another app to link through for shopping, and sometimes beats out swagbucks on the percentage of return/rebate. I allow both swagbucks and rakuten to run in the background of my laptop, and when I go into a website that they allow a rebate back for, they will pop up and disclose what percentage you can get back. I always select whichever one has a better rate. Sometimes one will offer 3% and the other will offer 8%. The savings really do add up.


This app has little tasks you can do in store. Scanning some of their products, and then purchasing them will earn you on both levels. Admittingly I haven’t used shopkick a whole lot yet, so I don’t really know the drawbacks to the app yet, but if you are at the store already, why not scan a couple bar codes while you’re there.

iBotta is one of my favorite apps.

Before going to the store, you access the app and select the items you plan to purchase. After purchasing those items, scan in the receipt or link your rewards card, and automatically get paid for those items (I have saved $242 this year alone, and we carry a $350 grocery budget each month), so it is without unnecessary spending, although sometimes it is tempting to get certain items simply because you can get quite a bit back on a certain item. That is probably the only drawback, having to have the will power to scroll past those items.

Now you can also get paid to scan in your receipts.

Vendors want to know what their customers are spending money on, so they will pay you through these apps to a copy of your receipts. Swagbucks offers this as one of their ways to earn swagbucks, but there is also another app out there called Receipt Pal. You just take a picture of your receipt through their app and submit it. Earn gift cards simply for taking this step.

Links to all of these apps will be listed below, but first; my hope for all of you is to maximize your savings while keeping it simple. Use the credits you get back towards gift cards that you can use for Birthdays and Christmas, or to treat yourself for your added savings. Either way, it is a win win. I hope you will find these apps useful!






Receipt Pal

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Make Money Doing Things You're Already Doing #MakeMoney #SaveMoney #FinancialPlanning #budgeting #money

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