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Easy and Affordable Recipe for Ant Bait

Easy Recipe for the Most Effective Ant Bait

Pesky little ants invading your home?  Every year around this time those little bugs seem to find a way in.  These little pests are usually either sugar ants or grease ants. More often they are the sugar ants, so we will start with this Easy Recipe for the Most Effective Ant Bait will have your home ant free in less than 1 day.  

All you will need is:

2 tablespoons of Borax

2 cups HOT water

¾ cup of sugar

Cotton balls

A couple little trays (I just cut off the bottom of a couple of water bottles, and that works sufficiently).

Mix the top 3 ingredients together well, and take a couple of the cotton balls and soak them in the mixture, and place them on the little tray/lids/water bottle bottoms (or whatever you use). Place the container where you see the ants.

****Important note…this bait is not nearly as toxic as those you find on the store shelves, but you should still avoid putting it near small children or pets.

You will likely see within a couple of hours that the ants are crawling all over the cotton.  They will actually take pieces of the cotton ball to the colony and feast on it. This will kill the whole colony.

If the ants seem uninterested, they may be grease ants instead of sugar ants, and may require a grease additive instead of the sugar.  Try coconut oil, peanut butter, or something that is loaded with grease or fat instead.

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