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Clever Ideas to Conquer Clutter

One of my New Years’ Resolutions (every year it seems) is to become more organized, and less cluttered. So of course almost all professionals will tell you to first go through and purge what you don’t love or you don’t use, but after that process is completed you are still left with the rest, so how can you conquer the clutter, and make your life and house easier to manage? Here are a few ideas for you to consider in your journey!

Does your staircase seem to collect all those items the kids were “supposed” to take upstairs? That clutter that drives you crazy, and becomes even more noticeable when the kids are no-where to be found. Yup, been there.

Try using something like this:

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I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, keeping everyone’s schedules straight can be quite the task. So one tip to keep everything straight is: to use a different colored pen or marker for each family member. So you know who has something going on today, tomorrow, and the next. I like the idea of using a large desk calendar, and hanging it in a well traffic area of the home perhaps as part of a command center, but even by itself it could prove to be beneficial to help calm the craziness life throws at you. I also depend heavily on a planner, and an electronic organizer as well. This way I am guaranteed they will catch my eye. I haven’t been able to set up a great command center yet, but am feeling quite inspired.

Check these out:

I love products that can pull double duty. Like the shoe organizer, or hardware shelf, or even a silverware organizer. All of these can be used for more than one purpose. Use the shoe organizer on the backside of a door to store your cleaning supplies. I have one of these hardware bin organizers, and use it for craft supplies and school supplies, and a second one for my sons lego’s. Use the silverware organizer to keep your toothbrushes separated from one another (that comes in handy with communicable diseases). Magazine racks double as storage for your pantry produce (onions/potatoes). Paper towel holders mounted inside of cabinets can house your garbage bags.

These for example:

Small space organization is super important, especially with more and more families seeking smaller homes. I have a few items listed here to inspire you to use every inch of space you have, so your small space doesn’t become cluttered. After all, no matter what size home you have, it should be your retreat, your safe haven from all the pressures of the day.

Check out these clever little space savers:

I hope you found something in this post to inspire you in your journey to a clutter free life! Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section!

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