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Tips to give your Christmas Spirit a boost this season! #Christmas #Tips #LifeHacks #Holidays

BOOST Your Spirit this Christmas Season!

Sometimes we need just a little boost to get into the Christmas Spirit. It is such a wonderful holiday filled with positive vibes that we should all be taking in.

Here is a list of suggestions to help get you in the spirit of Christmas this holiday season!

  • Decorate with your family whether it be your yard, or your Christmas tree 😉
  • Send out Christmas Cards to help that spirit of giving.
  • Make Christmas candies and cookies letting the kids help decorate them!
  • Listen to Christmas music, for example Pentatonix.
  • Watch Christmas movies, perhaps while enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee or hot chocolate!
  • Make presents. as we get older especially, Christmas isn’t about expensive gifts, but gifts that come from the heart.
  • Attend tree lighting ceremonies, light celebrations, or light parades. If there aren’t any near you, simply take a nice drive to view lights or take a drive downtown to see the window decorations store fronts have put up.
  • Make a game out of wrapping presents. Set goals, and if you meet them reward yourself (perhaps a glass of wine or a piece of your favorite chocolate).
  • Even if you don’t belong to a church, try to go to one mass or service, or even simply walk through. The lights, decor, and music help to radiate that spirit of Christmas throughout.
  • Take part in white elephant or gag gift exchanges. A little humor to put a smile on your face never hurt anyone.
  • Explore new recipes leading up to your family gathering.
  • Do something Charitable. Every year we do something small that makes someone else smile (smiles are contagious). For instance we’ve taken 10-$1 bills, and put post it notes on them saying “Merry Christmas”, and scattering them through the dollar tree. Then meander around the store for a while and listen to the joy it brings.
  • Take time for yourself. This season is filled with glorious things, but it can also be overwhelming with all the pressures, so be sure to take some time: meditate, evaluate, read a good book…it doesn’t matter how you spend your “me” time, just be sure to take it, because how can you give to others if you cannot give to yourself.

I hope you have found some new ideas to help you find your Christmas spirit this holiday season! 

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