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Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2019!

With only a small percentage of New Year’s Resolutions actually being achieved each year, I thought it might be beneficial to talk about how to improve those odds. I’m guilty of setting a goal and slowly losing interest throughout the year. Life happens; we can either let it get in the way, or we can re-direct and continue to move forward (the power is in the planning). Our destination should be set, but our journey can have twists and turns. So, what can we do to set and achieve those goals? 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Set a Specific Goal (not just lose weight or make more money, but rather “I will lose 35 lbs” or “I will make an extra $10,000”). Make sure the goals are measurable and attainable. Once the larger goal is set, break it down into smaller goals. For example, if you break down the above mentioned goals you can set them as. “I will lose 3 lbs per month” or “I will make $27.40 more per day”. They become more attainable this way. Change should be gradual, and allow for error especially in the beginning. Always remain positive.

  2. Every goal takes planning. Some cost more money than others, and some take resources that may take longer to get a hold of. Perhaps you need to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or doctor, or a financial adviser or investment broker. Having to wait for this “help” or these “resources” could cause your passion about your goal to fizzle before you even get started. Be sure to set a goal that motivates you. If you plan ahead now, then your chances at succeeding with improve.

  3. Invest in yourself. There is no other “you”. If you don’t invest in yourself from time to time, then how can you give to others? You need to view any goals you are trying to achieve as an investment in yourself that will benefit those around you as well.

  4. Hold yourself accountable. Have at least one other person that you report to on a regular basis, and agree that this person will help encourage you and help put you back on track if you slip a little. Perhaps a work-out buddy, or friend trying to achieve a similar goal. Some people even make their intentions clear on social media to hold themselves accountable there. Just be sure to pick someone, and set the time period like every Wednesday, or the 1st of every month. So that they know when they will get an update, and can help keep you on track.

  5. Automate, with so many apps these days, it is easier to stay on track. Entering your goals into a calendar and timed alerts for scheduled tasks and events will help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Here are some goal specific resources and tips….


If your goal is to lose weight…


  • Find activities that you like to do (walk, bike, swim, yoga, dance).

  • Keep a food diary for a week, and see what healthy substitutions you can make.

  • Can you add nutrient rich foods to your diet? For example, grind up zucchini and add it to your favorite bars or bread.

  • Slowly increase your water consumption, and slowly decrease your consumption of sugary drinks.

  • How much sleep are you getting? If you are getting less than 8 hours, slowly add time until you reach that 8 hour goal. Sleep is super important for weight loss.

  • A workout buddy is a wonderful way to stay on track, but there are other resources to help motivate as well. For example sweatcoin is an app that pays you for walking/moving. You get “coins” for the number of steps you take each day, and you can use your “coins” to purchase products or services, such as a fitbit or an iPhone X. Here is a link to check it out for yourself, and it is free to sign up: sweatcoin 


If your goal is to save money or reduce spending…

 I really have a lot of tips for this, so I highly recommend checking out my other posts …

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Some high points to those posts are…

  • Use a coupon app like swagbucks coupons. You will get paid for every coupon you clip and more for those that you redeem. Click here to go to swagbucks.

  • Join rewards clubs for your most shopped grocery stores, outlets, and department stores. You can earn larger discounts, and sometimes get some freebies by joining.

  • Use an online coupon app that will bank your cash back, and then you can cash them out once you reach a certain dollar amount ($20 or $30). I personally like ibotta, click here to be taken there to check it out.

  • The BIGGEST piece of advice I can give you is start with a budget, and visit your budget often to make sure you are sticking to it. If you don’t tell your money where to go, it will tell you.

  • Reduce waste. Either eat up leftovers, cut the amount you make, or freeze what you don’t use. With soaps/shampoos/conditioners, use the recommended amounts on the bottle. Instead of using bags and throw away containers, use re-usable containers.


 If your goal is to get organized…

  • Start small, a purse, car, junk drawer are all good places to start.

  • Ask yourself…if I seen this at the store right now, would I buy it?

  • Ask yourself… why am I hanging on to this?

  • Start removing the easy stuff, for instance garbage, junk mail, stale or expired food. Just reducing the amount of “stuff” you have can help you de-clutter.

  • Once you have purged the above mentioned items, grab 3 boxes and label them “trash”, “donate/sell”, and “keep”, and go through your home room by room asking yourself what purpose does that room serve and decide from that point what box to put each item in. Once you clear the room, you can start putting things back in that only facilitate what that room is for.

  • Set goals based on the size of the rooms and amount of stuff there is in each room, and make sure the goals are realistic. For example you may decide that the bedroom can be done in 4 days, the bathroom 2, and the living room 7 days. Give yourself a day or two in between, or you will lose ambition.

  • As you are putting things back into your rooms you may decide you need more storage, baskets, bins, containers. When that time comes, you need to make sure that you purchase the right size for what you need, so be sure to measure twice. Don’t just go out and buy a bunch of containers without knowing what you are filling them with and where they will be going, otherwise you are left with more “stuff” that you have to purge later.

 This covers just some of the top resolutions.  I hope you have found some motivational advice to help you reach your goals for this New Year.  Please feel free to share your resolutions and your tips for how to achieve them in the comments section, and check out my other posts for more inspiration.

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