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7 Tips to Live a Simpler and Happier Life

We tend to complicate our lives with the daily hustle and bustle.  Overworked and over stressed seems to be the norm, and our highly technical lives feed that cycle. Today I am going to share some tips to live a simpler happier life. These are things that everyone can do to simplify, calm, and add joy to their lives.

  1.  Let go of what drags you down. Perhaps you are carrying resentment or regarding a situation or two.  Make it a point to forgive and let go. You aren’t doing it for the benefit of the other person, you are doing it to remove those negative thoughts and emotions.

  2. Learn to say no. You do not need to be all things to everyone. If you have a lot going on, pick and choose what is most important, and stick with that. Everyone has been told no from time to time.

  3. Downsize-and de-clutter. Remove the un-necessary clutter and garbage that is making you feel overwhelmed. Decide ahead of time what is a necessity and what brings you joy. The rest can just go. You will see, when there is less to clean, less to lose, and less to break, it truly makes less stress. Once you have completed a good de-cluttering ask yourself how you feel about what is left.

  4. Stop and smell the roses.  A slower more appreciative pace of life will allow you to see the beauty all around you. Perhaps it is the landscape, or the smell of fresh-cut grass. Just take some time out of every day to be aware of your surroundings and reflect and appreciate what it is that you are seeing.

  5. Take a trip down memory lane. Sometimes to appreciate all you have now, you need to look back at where you used to be.

  6. Unplug.  One of the most effective ways to un-complicate life is to unplug. No computers, No internet, and No cable. You could start with designated times, such as during dinner or a family game night. Just enjoy the un-interrupted time with your family or friends.

  7. For every negative thought or emotion, consciously give yourself twice as many positive thoughts. It will help you become a more positive and grateful person. For example: be thankful for the roof over your head, the food on your table, and the love you share with your family. You will notice that once your attitude becomes more positive, it will affect those around you as well.

I hope that this has inspired you to slow down, and reflect on the positive, and simplify your life so you can enjoy the simple things. If you have additional ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to post them in the comments!

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