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This Mother’s Day is going to be different than any other Mother’s Day any of us have experienced, so here are some ideas to still make the day special. This post includes things to do for Mother's Day, and Mother's Day gift ideas.

10 Tips to Make Mother’s Day Special Even During a Pandemic

This Mother’s Day is guaranteed to be different than any other Mother’s Day that any of us have experienced. Mom’s that are accustom to seeing their children for a visit or to share a meal, will likely be receiving phone calls or video chats this year. Others whom spend Mother’s day getting pampered or spending the day in peace might be finding that the day will simply blend in with all the rest. So how do we still make this day special for our Mother’s? I am going to share some tips for how to make the day special for Mom, and some gift ideas that are both thoughtful and inexpensive, so that Mom doesn’t feel like she is missing out.

First let’s look at the Mom’s that are longing to connect with their kids on Mother’s day.

You can still spend time with your Mom on Mother’s day.  Set up a time to go for a walk. By still maintaining a social distance, you can enjoy some fresh air and still get to see your beautiful Mom in person, just not in a social gathering situation. Another option is making breakfast together (virtually of course). The power of technology has never been so important; we can connect with our loved ones through our phones or webcams on our computers. So select a breakfast and cook together, watch your favorite movie together, or paint your nails and do masks together.  The options are really limitless to what you can do while using technology to connect.

Now let’s move along to gift ideas. Many of us are financially strapped right now, so gift giving becomes more creative. Sometimes the best ideas come from the heart, and mom’s love gifts that are handmade and thoughtful more than the lavish expensive gifts. Here you will find a list of ideas and resources to help you create that perfect gift!

  1. A planter in your mom’s favorite color or material, and her favorite flower or plant. Take the pot or planter and either etch, burn, vinyl, paint, or use sharpie, and attach the quote “Love Grows Here” on the outside of the pot. Then plant your flower or flowers in the planter.
  2. Do you have an old frame laying around? There are a ton of gifts you can make utilizing some craft paper and a large picture or document frame. You can design a printable with special dates. The wedding dates and birth dates are especially special to mom’s. You could also take your mother’s favorite quote and matte it with craft paper. Or, you could take pictures that represent special dates to your mom and arrange them into a collage.
  3. Take a mug, tumbler, glass, or water bottle and decorate the exterior with sharpie or vinyl…either with a design or a special quote, and fill it with your Mom’s favorite candy.
  4. Do you have a special talent? Showcase it for your Mother. Record a video or special song for her, or weave a rug, blanket, or quilt, or even make her some jewelry out of items you already have at home.
  5. Do you have essential oils? If you do, you can make some homemade body butters, bath bombs, face masks, lotions, and soaps. Take those and put together a gift basket that Mom can pamper herself with. Or, if you are out on your once a week grocery trip many of these items can be found at the grocery store. Couple that with some wine or chocolate (or both), and give Mom time to take a nice relaxing bath.

If money is not an issue, you could also do one of the following:

  1. Order her flowers
  2. Have a meal delivery service take her favorite meal or dessert to her (or better yet, deliver it yourself).
  3. Order her a gift basket or other gifts from or another online store. Or e-books (I will link to some at the bottom of this post).
  4. Send an e-gift card to her favorite store or establishment. You can find special mother’s day gift cards to amazon here.
  5. Get her a future day at the spa for a massage and pampering, or a day at the salon. Lord knows right now many of us are dreading cutting our own hair during this pandemic.

I hope you have enjoyed these top 10 gift ideas. Let me also remind all of you, that cards are super important. Even more so when they speak from the heart, so don’t forget the card. For more ideas check out these other posts:




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This Mother’s Day is going to be different than any other Mother’s Day any of us have experienced, so here are some ideas to still make the day special. This post includes things to do for Mother's Day, and Mother's Day gift ideas.

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