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10 + Super Simple Study Hacks

School has just begun, and before you know it you or your child will be taking tests and exams. There are a few things to keep in mind while studying that will help you when that time comes. Here are some tips, tricks, and study hacks to help keep you on track this school year, and keep test anxiety at bay.

Super Simple Study Hacks include:

Taking frequent small breaks between studying sessions and NO CRAMMING!

Eat a good breakfast/meal before testing which includes: oranges (helps reduce stress-maintain hydration, and helps you wake up), grapes, almonds, and ginkgo tea (to help improve memory).

Group like subjects together. By keeping related information together it takes less effort to remember. To make it easier to decipher, when you are taking lecture notes, use different colored pens or highlighters.

Sleep on it-if you have a topic you are struggling with, re-read your notes just before you go to sleep.

Chew peppermint gum-it will help you stay alert, and help settle a nervous stomach.

When you are trying to refresh your subject matter before a test, read through the first and last paragraphs of the reading, and just skim through the rest.

Listening to classical music while studying will help you absorb more.

Exercise on a regular basis to keep a good flow of oxygen to the brain.

Study your notes within 1 day of taking them. Your retention rate is 60% higher then.

Eat chocolate while studying (especially math) it can improve your skills.


I hope you have found some or all of these tips helpful, and that you are off to a successful school year!


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I’m April, a wife and mother of two. Since the end of 2010 I have been battling autoimmune diseases: and facing those have left me with limited physical abilities, limited energy, and limited funds; so I created this blog to document my journey : to simplifying my life, hopefully finding tips and tricks and resources to help save me time, money, and energy. I am hoping not only to share my journey, but to inspire others with similar challenges. Personally I think everyone would welcome ways to save time, money, and energy, but to some it is imperative. The content you can expect to see includes life hacks, organizational and time management resources, tips and tricks to saving money, ideas and resources for making money doing simple tasks or passively, and simple inexpensive gift giving ideas. To those of you who may be concerned that this may just be one big pity party, I want to be clear. I have conditions that have altered my abilities, but this is about taking as much control over my life as I possibly can, and to make it a positive experience. I will not however, turn anyone away if they ask about my illnesses specifically. Perhaps they are newly diagnosed, and need some advice that I haven’t shared. I encourage those individuals to contact me any time. I want people to be able to positively bounce ideas off of one another to make it a blog that everyone can benefit from.

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